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6 Ways to Give Joy This Christmas | Christmas Catalog 2014

At Water Missions, we’ve discovered that joy sometimes comes packaged differently than you might expect. Think solar panels, concrete latrines, and guys on motorcycles delivering water. A little different, right? Below are six ways you can spread joy this holiday season with impacts that stretch a lifetime. Continue Reading…

Citadel cadets serve by landscaping WMI Headquarters

The Citadel cadets wore shirts that read, “Learning to Lead by Serving Others” on October 22, as they worked alongside members of the Charleston Garden Club, and volunteers from Water Missions International, landscaping and planting new beds that border the entranceway of the local non-profit.  The service work was part of the Citadel’s Leadership Day of Service. Continue Reading…

Honduran girls walking with safe water

Adam Wainwright is perhaps best known in the U.S. for throwing a curve ball with bases loaded in the ninth inning of the 2006 World Series, resulting in a strikeout and a win for the St. Louis Cardinals. But what others around the world will remember more vividly is that he helped to bring their village safe water.

Continue Reading…

Image of Denton Program Cargo Plane Taking Off

It’s a surprisingly cool and breezy morning at Water Missions International as the staff’s morning devotional takes a different turn. Informed of an impending shipment about to depart, dozens of staff and volunteers walk into the warehouse, join hands, and pray over the water treatment systems headed to various villages in Honduras. This is an ordinary procedure for our shipments overseas, yet this was not a normal shipment. This shipment was being taken to the Charleston Air Force Base to fly out on a military plane at no cost through the Denton Program.

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1. 40% of the World Lacks a Toilet

Roughly 2.65 billion people lack access to adequate sanitation facilities. That’s one in three people who don’t have a toilet.

Mexico Sanitation

This makeshift latrine in Mexico is a far cry from adequate sanitation.

2. Toilets Promote Gender Equality

In many places around the world, girls drop out of school when they hit puberty, simply because of the bathrooms. Without a toilet and washing facility that’s private, safe, or available, girls avoid going to school because of menstrual health and lack of adequate facilities. Access to adequate sanitation empowers girls to attend school and take advantage of the opportunities education brings. Continue Reading…

“If I would take the time to explain my happiness, I would never finish because my joy comes from the heavens. God sent you to give me this latrine. For me, it is grace.” – Hargueritte, Haiti Campaign

For many in developing nations, a toilet is an unaffordable luxury. Adequate sanitation, like safe water, is crucial for proper hygiene and stopping water-related illness. Most of all, it’s a basic human right that gives dignity and privacy. Currently, an estimated 2.5 billion people lack access to a proper toilet. That’s one in three people who don’t have a clean, private place to go to the bathroom. For these people, a toilet is a symbol of better health, higher income, education, and improved hygiene. Continue Reading…

Earlier this year, Water Missions International strategic partner In Touch Ministries traveled to our Haiti country program to visit our safe water solutions and learn about how we work with communities to bring safe water to those who thirst. While they were there, the In Touch team captured the following footage and crafted it into a video that tells the story of how George and Molly Greene were called to serve others.

We wish you all a very merry Christmas!

Every year, Water Missions International offers an alternative to Christmas gift giving. While the toys and Christmas sweaters can bring joy, we offer the gifts that change lives.

We want to share with you this Christmas season the reasons why we take part in the fight against the global water crisis. Changing a life can be as simple as clicking a donate button, but there are other ways as well.

Over the next month, we’ll feature guest blogs from Water Missions International volunteers, supporters, and staff. Every person has the capacity, through even the smallest action, to change a life forever. Our hope is to inspire you to see how you, too, can change lives forever.

We’ve told you all about the efforts of the staff of Water Missions International Mexico to provide safe water to those affected by the disastrous flooding in Mexico. Now we’d like to introduce you to the staff who’ve been working so hard to grant safe water access to those in need.

Just before disaster struck, they made a video for our 2013 annual board meeting to update our board members on what’s been happening in our Mexico country program. We wanted to share it with you so that you can meet the amazing team who work so hard to serve the people of Mexico.